DYNAMIMED is a private biotechnology company founded to offer innovative products and services for life science research. It is dedicated to the health monitoring of experimental animals and biological samples besides the sale, distribution and assistance of different ELISA Kits, PCR positive controls, cDNA libraries and lab animal transportation boxes. Our clients are some of the leading pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and academic organizations around the world.
Our company`s mission is to become your Lab Partner.

DYNAMIMED is continuously striving to expand its product portfolio with novel products and services, responding to the needs of clients for a customized solution.

DYNAMIMED has become, in a very short period, an important ally for establishments taking care of lab animals, all of this thanks to its efficacy, speed and customer focus.

DYNAMIMED is ISO 9001: 2015 certificated for the activity of Health monitoring of biological samples in laboratory animals. For more information about or services, visit www.dynamimed.com/en