Simian Yellow Fever ELISA Kit

Simian Yellow Fever ELISA Kit


Research Reagents for the Detection of Simian Yellow Fever virus Antibodies in simian sera by ELISA

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Easy to use:
– Standard ELISA Format (strip plates).
– x1 strip plate (48 Antigen Wells and 48 Control Antigen Wells)
– Ready-to-use ELISA reagents
– Easy-to-follow directions, no special training needed
– One protocol for all assays
– Compatible with automated plate processors
– Storage temperature 2-8°C
– 2.5 hours turnaround time
– Minimum 12 months shelf life
– Unused strips can be removed and used later
– Components also available separately
Shipment Temperature: room temperature
Estimated time of delivery: 1 month
For research use only.

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